On-Demand Services

In emergency healthcare, there’s no way to predict how many imaging scans you’ll need to complete in a given day or night. Imaging volumes will always fluctuate, making it challenging to appropriately staff a department. As a result, you end up paying for staffing support at times when volumes are too low to justify the cost – especially with budgets getting tighter and tighter.

With Roshal Imaging’s on-demand services, you have access to certified ultrasound technologists who can cover and service shifts at all hours of the day or night, and we guarantee they’ll show up in a timely manner. Currently, our turnaround times average less than 35 minutes, nationwide.


Scheduled Services
CT Scan

One of the biggest challenges with delivering imaging services for scheduled procedures is maintaining a full staff that can support all areas of need, including compliance checks and ongoing reporting.

Roshal Imaging technologists are available to fill in when you have staffing gaps so you can accommodate a full, consistent imaging schedule. We’ll set you up with technologists who work for a designated time period on a contract basis, so you never miss a beat.

All of our technologists are certified, bring a wealth of expertise and best practices, and create exceptional patient experiences.

Our services aren’t limited to staffing support; they also include facility-level maintenance protocols, such as high-level disinfection, machine calibration checks and advice, and worksheet review. Whether you need on-demand or scheduled services, you’ll get access to a Roshal Imaging technologist who will treat their work with the same level of thoughtfulness as you’d expect from your employees.

Ultrasound OS

Our easy-to-use scheduling application fits seamlessly into your workflow and notifies you in less than five minutes when a technologist is en route and when, specifically, you can expect them to arrive.

Compliance Monitoring

We maintain up-to-date credentialing for all of our technologists and conduct monthly inspections per your facility’s protocols. We manage your TJC/DNV compliance records and have them ready to share with you, even on short notice.

Process Standardization

We have developed standard processes to increase efficiency and improve quality of care. These include:

  • Implementation: We follow a Six Sigma process to implement your services.
  • Onboarding: We train all staff on your specific protocols and can get you up and running in as soon as two weeks.
  • Billing: We review your billing and reimbursement models, and confirm that CPT codes are properly assigned to studies. Through this we assist in deploying standard processes across all sites to help prevent leakage.

Quality Reporting

Our proven approach to improving your radiology quality metrics leads to long-term results. This approach includes:

  • Proactive inspections and monthly KPI reports.
  • Gathering ongoing quality feedback from radiologists.
  • CMO-level ongoing engagement with radiologists and medical directors to ensure protocol adherence and quality assurance.

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Roshal Imaging works with a wide range of healthcare organizations and professionals around the country to deliver prompt, precise, and caring imaging services.

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