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At Roshal Imaging Services, Inc. our continued growth and success can be attributed to our commitment to high quality and cost effective performance through our close relationships with our clients and employees. Our business model and client focused strategic approach has resulted in continued business with our major clients and acquisition of new businesses in the last 10+ years.
We strive to maintain a positive and balanced working atmosphere, where each employee is able to contribute to the best of their ability. We believe that our employees are our important asset, and it is only with their dedication and diligence, that we have achieved success and outstretched as an organization.
Our values are our greatest strength that helps guide our actions, support our strategies and differentiate us from our competitors.

Our Team

Our Values


  • Experienced, ADRMS/Vascular Certified Technologists Employees meet JCAHO Credentialing Standards
  • Staffing Competencies to Handle wide range of complex diagnoses and Procedures Vast Skill Set pool to access resources


  • Excellent Industry reputation Commitment to high quality performance (continous study quality assessment)
  • Work closely with Radiologist of your choice(continous protocol improvement)


  • 24/7/365 Technologist Availability provide equipment and/or services
  • Integreat to hospital facility - transparent "in house" like service Capacity to handle varying daily work load
  • Serve any customer location - no transporting/directing patients to different locations


  • Billed per case - no overhead cost commitment Reduced cost risk for case volume variations
  • Volume driven savings

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