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Radiology Directors

Roshal Imaging ensures you don’t have to worry about filling gaps in coverage again. Our certified ultrasound technologists are available to cover shifts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Request coverage with Ultrasound OS, our easy-to-use scheduling application that allows you to confirm staffing support with minimal interruption. Not only will our technologists arrive in a timely manner and deliver exceptional care, but they’ll provide services across your imaging cycle.

We proactively perform quality metrics inspections and share monthly reports, deliver CMO-level engagement to ensure protocol adherence, and manage your TJC compliance records.

CEOs & Physician Owners

With Roshal Imaging, cost doesn’t have to be a barrier to staffing your imaging department. Our technologists provide the same high-quality service you’ve come to expect for a price that’s lower than, or comparable to, what you’re paying now. And, our shared services solution means you’ll no longer have gaps in coverage that you can’t fill.

We’ve developed standard processes and protocols that we implement with each of our partners to ensure staff are trained to deliver exceptional patient experiences and your organization meets quality care objectives.

Chief Medical Officers & Chief Nursing Officers

We know the quality of your imaging services has a direct impact on the overall quality of care delivered across your organization – in both emergency situations and scheduled procedures. That’s why we maintain a commitment to quality in everything we do.

Through our process-oriented implementation, we help you gain critical expertise to apply to quality initiatives, and work with radiologists to ensure we adhere to their standards and protocols. You receive monthly quality reports to inform decisions within your imaging department.

Finance Executives

With Roshal Imaging’s hybrid model of on-demand and scheduled services, you can appropriately staff your imaging department for both emergency and inpatient care. You no longer have to eat the costs of having staff onsite when imaging volumes are low or scramble to find expensive coverage at the last minute.

Our technologists arrive in less than 35 minutes, on average, and bring equipment with them, saving significant costs for you. And, in speciality and micro hospitals, we work with you to establish additional revenue streams in your imaging department. Decreased costs and increased revenue add up to improved financial performance overall.

We assist you with billing and reimbursement models and deploy standard processes to help you avoid inefficiencies and leakage.

Operations Executives

When you partner with Roshal Imaging for shared imaging services, as your imaging volume increases, so will your operational efficiency – resulting in shared savings.

We have established a transparent, streamlined billing process for all clients and facilitate predictable budget management through simplified contract terms. Throughout your partnership with us, we provide clear and reliable volume-based cost data.

Having Roshal take call for our organization has been life changing for our staff and has enhanced their work/life balance. The Roshal staff have expressed how great it is to work for this company in other parts of the country so it is exciting to see another opportunity for sonographers in the area.
Ultrasound Manager -Wisconsin
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