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Exploring the Vital Role of ECHO Techs in Cardiac Care

ECHO Techs by roshalimaging in Katy

Today, as part of our new “Job of the Week” feature, we spotlight Sara Borden, an accomplished ECHO tech whose journey with Roshal Health embodies dedication and excellence.  Sara’s story is not just about traveling the globe but also about touching lives, particularly those of our esteemed veterans.

In Sara’s own words, “Roshal has given me the opportunity to go see places I’ve always wanted to see, and some that I never even thought of going to.” Her experiences span from the breathtaking landscapes of Idaho to the iconic sights of New York City and the sun-kissed shores of Florida. But while traveling to these destinations is a fun part of the job, Sara has a deeper purpose – her unwavering commitment to serving others, especially those who have served our nation.

While the traveling and sightseeing aspects of her job are undeniably enriching, Sara finds the most profound fulfillment in her interactions with veterans. As she reflects, “While the traveling and sightseeing is a huge benefit of this job, the most rewarding part is our patients. Getting to work with veterans, hearing their stories and experiences, and hearing about their lives is my favorite part.”

As an ECHO tech with Roshal Health, Sara is part of a specialized team that utilizes cutting-edge technology to provide crucial cardiac imaging services. Her role demands precision, empathy, and adaptability as she navigates different locations and diverse patient populations. Yet, amidst the challenges, Sara remains steadfast in her commitment to delivering the highest standard of care.

“The veterans are so appreciative, and who is more deserving of frontline service than them?” Sara emphasizes. “From younger to older, freshly enrolled, or out for years they all deserve the best care, and I feel with my job through Roshal I am providing a small part in their care which is a big thing to me and my appreciation for our veterans.”

The importance of ECHO techs like Sara cannot be overstated. They are the backbone of healthcare, ensuring that patients receive timely and accurate diagnoses that are instrumental in guiding treatment decisions. Through their dedication and expertise, they make a tangible difference in the lives of countless individuals, including our nation’s veterans.

Sara’s journey with Roshal Health is a testament to the profound impact that healthcare professionals can have on individuals and communities. It’s a reminder that beyond the allure of travel lies a deeper calling – the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. As Sara continues her journey, she carries with her the gratitude of veterans whose lives have been touched by her compassion and unwavering dedication to service.

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