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Freedom and Flexibility: Gwenette Cooper’s Experience with Roshal Health

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Working in the healthcare industry often means long hours, high stress, and little flexibility. But for Gwenette Cooper, a Zone Manager and Radiology Technologist for Roshal Health in Florida, her professional life is quite different. Managing zones in Jacksonville, Orlando, Cape Coral, and Sarasota, Gwenette has found a balance between her work and personal life that many in the industry only dream of. Here’s a glimpse into her journey and what makes working with Roshal Health so unique.

Joining the Roshal Health Team

Gwenette described the onboarding process with Roshal Health as a smooth and pleasant experience.It was a great experience as we communicated through emails,she recalls. The ease of communication set the tone for her positive journey with the company.

Flexibility in Scheduling

One of the standout features of working with Roshal Health is the flexibility in scheduling.In my market, we email our availability to the Manager, who builds the schedule based on what works best for me.This method allows her to have a say in her work hours, accommodating her personal life and commitments.

A New Approach to Healthcare

Gwenette has an extensive background in the healthcare industry, but working with Roshal Health introduced her to a new level of flexibility and independence.The flexibility, the independence of my own work process, and the fact that I get sunlight throughout the day.These benefits  have significantly improved her quality of life compared to traditional healthcare roles.

Work/Life Balance

The unique working environment that Roshal Health has had tangible benefits in Gwenette’s personal life.Recently, my Daddy has been in and out of the hospital. I could sit with him between my calls and care for him without taking PTO.”

A Typical Day at Roshal Health

Gwenette’s usual workday at Roshal Health is a blend of personal time and professional service.I have my morning coffee, see my son off to school, water my flowers, and await my first call-in,she said, which allows her to start the day on a positive note. Once called in, Gwenette serves her patient(s), enjoys lunch wherever she chooses, and even runs errands between calls.

Recommending Roshal Health

When asked if she would recommend Roshal Health to others in the healthcare industry, Gwenette’s response was enthusiastic.I really would. When I decided to take this job, I did not know the endless possibilities and freedom that came with it,she says. She appreciates the lower stress levels and the recognition she receives from the ED and nursing staff, which surpasses any other working environment in her nearly 30 years in healthcare.

Gwenette Bailey Cooper, RVT, RDMS (AB, BR), is a testament to how Roshal Health is redefining healthcare careers by prioritizing flexibility, independence, and personal well-being. Her story is an inspiring example for healthcare professionals seeking a refreshing change.

If you’re considering a change in your healthcare career, take it from Gwenette: Roshal Health might just offer the freedom and flexibility you’ve been looking for.

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