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Healthcare Jobs Go Unfilled as Care Demand Increases…

Healthcare Jobs by Roshal Imaging in Katy, TX

How Technology is Solving the Problem

A recent article by Modern Healthcare summed up the daunting staffing challenges facing hospitals, systems and physician groups, demonstrating an inverted curve of increasing post-pandemic healthcare demand against an outsized gap for a specialized healthcare workforce.

Modern Healthcare reports that the healthcare industry is consistently falling short when it comes to filling open positions created by a growth in demand and departing workers. In December 2023, the industry had about 1.8 million job openings and added only around 70,000 employees, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data quoted in the article.

That’s actually not a gap. That’s a chasm requiring a different approach to meeting healthcare workforce needs today.

Roshal Health is bridging that chasm for hospitals, health systems and medical groups big and small to help them meet their flexible medical staffing needs with powerful healthcare staffing technology.

On the Roshal Healthcare on-demand technology platform, a hospital or medical group can call up the qualified, licensed and credentialed clinical staff they need to join their team, pick a time, and even track their progress in getting to them in real-time. Roshal staff are available 24/7/365 from the Roshal portal, with guaranteed on-time arrival.

Roshal steps in when you have a hiring gap, when someone calls out sick or suddenly resigns, or when you only want to pay someone when there’s enough volume to keep them busy; like Uber for staffing.

The Modern Healthcare article made several points about how technology can and should be tapped to help alleviate today’s staffing challenges. Healthcare providers should be seeking a staffing solution where technology is the connective tissue that brings people together – health facility hiring managers with on-demand healthcare providers to serve patients with quality care, right on time. That’s how Roshal Health does it.


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