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Our People Make All the Difference

Portrait of the Group of doctors | Roshal Imaging in Katy, TX

There’s no such thing as too much compassion when it comes to patient care. 

At Roshal Health, we believe that. It’s the heart of who we are — caring for people by providing outstanding, person-centered diagnostic imaging experiences for every patient.

We understand that patients can feel a range of emotions during an ultrasound or diagnostic imaging procedure. Our ultrasound technologists are intimately involved in these moments; they embrace the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives, helping them in what can sometimes be a challenging or life-defining situation.

Our Kind (of) People

1. Compassionate

Roshal Health employs people who genuinely care about others and understand that patients are people and people are complex. Regardless of how upset or difficult a patient may be, they need to feel seen, understood and cared for. Our technologists know that kindness, empathy, and a positive attitude can go a long way in putting patients at ease and providing an overall better experience. 

Our co-founder, Usha Thomas, is a firm believer that compassion matters and says, “Sometimes the call may be at 3:00 a.m., and my patients ask how I can be so pleasant. I tell them my patients come first. Even in the middle of the night, you have to be positive, give them comfort, and do what’s in your power to provide great care.” 

2. Committed to Excellence

We have high standards for ourselves and our employees. Our technologists are dependable, showing up on time because they know the patient, the client, and the Roshal Health team counts on them. We hire team-oriented professionals who value integrity and strive for excellence. They consistently go above and beyond to ensure that every study is of top-notch quality. 

Roshal team members focus on delivering a level of service that promotes trust with patients and providers and reflects positively on our partners’ practice. They have a strong work ethic, a clear sense of purpose, and a pledge to provide superior care for every patient. 

3. Emotionally Intelligent

At Roshal, we place a high value on emotional intelligence. We know that employees who are aware of and able to express their feelings in productive ways make wiser, more empathetic decisions when interacting with colleagues and patients. It is a critical skill for communicating with someone upset, sad, or frustrated.

We are not alone in placing a high emphasis on emotional intelligence when hiring new employees. According to Forbes, research illustrates that emotional intelligence is the top factor differentiating high achievers from others. “Specifically, a person’s level of EI determines how they will react to a situation and how they handle challenges. It is also the top skill used to improve relationships.”

By hiring emotionally intelligent people, we can provide first-rate care for patients. Not only that, we create a better work environment where our employees feel welcome, safe, and appreciated.

4. Passionate about Growth

At Roshal, we are pioneers of a different approach to ultrasound and diagnostic imaging services. Our company is rapidly expanding as we become the nation’s premier ultrasound provider. And we’re looking for like-minded professionals to join us.

Our technologists are a big part of that vision and share with us a common desire to improve their knowledge and skills, stay up to date with clinical information, continuing education credits, and high-level credentials. They have a natural curiosity and desire to learn new information about our ever-evolving industry and prepare for new, exciting opportunities. 

People You Can Depend On

Roshal can help make radiology directors’ jobs easier by providing expert technologists you can rely on, so you can stay focused on your day-to-day challenges of managing expectations, delivering consistent care, and meeting KPIs. 

We deliver unrivaled shared imaging services through our dedicated team. Roshal’s people-oriented, caring technologists understand that your patients are more than an image on a screen. We know that each patient encounter reflects on your organization so every interaction must be positive. 

Roshal takes pride in helping you reduce end-to-end times and improve patient satisfaction through our best-in-class service, led by our best-in-class people.

Learn More about Roshal’s Exceptional Team

Interested in joining the Roshal team? Check out our Careers page to see the latest openings. Want to learn more about how Roshal Health can help your organization? Contact us to get in touch with our team today.


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