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The Perks and Payoff of Traveling for Roshal

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The current healthcare labor shortage has created a unique opportunity for traveling healthcare workers. Imaging, in particular, is experiencing an unprecedented demand for technologists, resulting in increased travel job openings with highly competitive compensation packages. 

Hospitals are attempting to regain staff after historic exits that position the healthcare market to experience a shortage of 3.2 million workers by 2026, according to a data analysis from labor data market company Emsi and shared with the American Hospital Association

Not only can travel technologists earn more money, but traveling for work provides you with new experiences, a change of scenery, and the chance to meet new people and learn new things.

What’s Different about a Role with Roshal Health? 

If the travel technologist lifestyle appeals to you, you’ve likely explored opportunities with healthcare staffing agencies. These travel jobs tend to maintain typical hospital shifts that require technologists to work arduous hours with little autonomy or flexibility.

That’s not the case with Roshal Health. Travelers with us work on an on-call basis, where they must be prepared to go into a facility at any time of day or night, but are not bound to a set schedule each day or week. In addition to providing this flexibility, Roshal treats each technologist as an integral part of our organization, fully supported by our team. We respect you and recognize your expertise, and so do our hospital partners.

Here are some of the top benefits of working as a travel technologist with Roshal Health. 

1. High-Quality Standards 

Most staffing agencies lack a comprehensive knowledge of ultrasound technology. But at Roshal, we specialize in it. We hold ourselves to a higher standard and thoroughly vet our candidates to ensure a pool of only the most qualified ultrasound technologists. All of our technologists hold credentials from the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography® (ARDMS®).

This means you will have opportunities to work alongside experts in the field and grow your skillset via continuous learning and professional development. 

2. Respect and Autonomy

One of our tenured travel technologists shared that when you join our team you’ll find that, “Roshal respects you when you come in, and so do the hospitals. Roshal’s managers and the hospitals are happy you’re here. You have autonomy and are more trusted. They recognize you as the specialist coming to the rescue. There’s no way they could do it without you.” 

Because of this culture of respect, you can feel confident sharing your expertise and voicing your professional opinions. 

When you work for a staffing agency, you are typically required to stay at the hospital for the entire duration of a shift with little freedom to move about. But, with Roshal, you’re free to leave the hospital after you complete your assigned study.

The on-call nature of the Roshal ultrasound technologist job allows you more autonomy. You still have free time to enjoy the perks of traveling.

3. Steady Salary and Benefits

When you travel with Roshal, you get paid the same, no matter how many or few hours you work in a given week. And regardless of where you travel for work, you can count on a consistent paycheck. 

Many companies go out of their way to avoid reimbursing their travelers. At Roshal, we offer generous reimbursement that covers hotel and transportation costs, and a meal per diem.

4. Same Team and Streamlined Protocols

With most travel contracts, you don’t have a home base. Every time you travel to a new assignment, you have new directors, a different onboarding process, and aspects of your job that you need to relearn. It’s also common to have a lot of tasks thrown at you at once when you work as a traveler.

With Roshal, you work with the same team, no matter where you travel. We expedite the onboarding process and have streamlined protocols in place, so the experience is the same wherever you go. Our technologists know what to expect when they walk through the door, and we put protections in place to ensure you won’t get burned out.

5. Long-Term Growth Opportunity

Travel healthcare employment is likely to drop from its current peak. But when you join our team, you’ll secure more competitive rates over the long run. You’ll also benefit from long-term growth opportunities within our thriving organization and work with people who genuinely care about you and promote your success.

6. Flexibility and Travel Options

Roshal offers flexible travel options, including a 13-week travel contract so you can determine if it’s the right fit for you. If you decide to pursue this type of role with us, we have two tracks you can follow: entering contracts with start and end dates or holding a position on our traveler bench, as a full-time employee, where you’ll move to different places at our partner hospitals across the country.

Learn More about Joining Our Team

Ready to take the next step toward a travel technologist career with Roshal Health? Check out our Careers page to see our latest openings or contact us to get in touch with a member of our team.


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